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There are many RSS to Blogger auto posting script available for free . But only a few really handles the auto posting from RSS to Blogger accounts efficiently . Important features that a user should focus while they download such products is , how many rss feeds it can handle and how many blogger accounts or blogs it can handle . In real world applications , blog owners really need a powerful application which can handle multiple blogs and multiple feeds efficiently . Your search for RSS to Blogger ends here .

Download our RSS to Blogger Auto Posting Script

Auto Blogger Software / Auto blogger posting script from Webtools’s is bundled with rich usage of blogs for filling contents from RSS or Atom feeds automatically . This can help you to manage multiple feeds and blogs efficiently , and there by earn money if you are running any ads similar to google adsense . This RSS to Blogger tools plays an important tool when you want to post contents from some other sources to multiple blogs says  100 blogger accounts simultaneously .

For any other detailed information on RSS to Blogger posting script , visit here .

RSS to Blogger script, that webtoolsin.com has released has been in use by many blog owners and they are using it it for managing multiple blogs . We got a recent request to add a wordpress plugin for doing the same what our script does now and it is under consideration .

How this helps SEO on your blogs

Auto labeling feature of auto blogger application helps to create labels automatically when a post is created . This labels are made from important keywords found on post title and post content . You can disable / enable labeling of posts .

Why RSS to Blogger

It is not possible to write fresh contents always and publish on blogs, so you may depend on third party information provider for example, if you have a movie blog, and you got some movie information in form RSS feeds , you are in need of a software piece for sending the feeds content to your blogs . If such a syatem is availbale, the same feeds can be posted on multiple blogs . If the tool is powerful, no need of human hands for writing and publishing blogs . Just find feeds, add them , add blogs , then take rest .